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Vocal Reel

Dance Reel

32 Bar Cuts

I Remember

Evening Primrose
Stephen Sondheim

He Threw Me

He Threw Me

Lets Hear It for the Boy

Life of the Party


Wild Party

He Threw Me

Meet John Doe
Andrew Gerle and Eddie Sugarman

One Day

Groundhog Day

Roll in the Hay

Young Frankenstein
Mel Brooks


Maes Monologue- Dramatic

You Got Older
Clare Barron

Leigh's Monologue- Dramatic

Sorry for Your Loss
Kit Steinkellner

Libbys Monologue- Comedic

Waiting for Guffman
Eugene Levy and Christopher Guest

Lizs Monologue- Comedic

30 Rock
Tina Fey

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